Lunar rover landing in the moon
Thu Jan 3 14:19:30 2019 China is the first country that landed a lunar rover in the far side of the noon in human history in January 3. 2019.
Consisting of sth
Every open subset $U \in M$ has an altas consisting of single chart, namely $(\phi, U) = (id_{U}, U)$ where $id_{U}$ denotes the identity map of $U$
A collection of sth
An Altas is a collection of Charts
How to use where clause
The pair $(\phi, U)$ where $U$ is an open set and $\phi$ is bijective.
Available: Here is the word that I always forget the spelling.
The word is used quite frequently, e.g. in email, I will be available ..
Base, Bases, Basic and Basics, Basis, Bases
Wed Jul 18 09:14:45 PDT 2018
I just learned something new today.
The word "Base" can be adjustive in English.
I thought it could be noun only.
We use "Base case" all the time in Mathmatic Induction so it makes scene
The word "Basic" is adjective is obvious but it can be used as noun too.
e.g. we need to learn the basics of English
Ne Phrase:
hundreds of thousands of people in the Paris Eiffel Tower
scrub, scrutiny, scrutinise, screw
18-18-2016 @ 10:34, new words today
scrub - rub sth or someone hard so as to clean them, typically with a brush and water:
He had to scrub the floor
She was scrubbing herself down at the sink, she scrubbed furiously at the plates
scrutiny [noun]
scrutinies [verb]
Para words
Close to something or someone
Build an array strip[] that contains all points close or closer than d to a line passing the middle of points. Tom doesn't even close to Nancy when it comes to artistic ability.
Compared to, compare with
The store's price are high compared to what some other stores charge
Instance coffee doesn't compare with freshly ground coffee.
As: simultaneous changes
When you get older, moving house gets harder.[one thing happens first and as the result the second thing is true]
As you get older, moving house gets harder.[The two things happen as the same time]
As as a preposition
We use it with an noun to refer to the role or purpose of a person or thing.
I worked as waiter when I was a student.
As as a conjunction
They arrive as they were leaving. [time conjunction meaning 'while' or 'when']
But and However in sentense
I have worked in the company for two years but I hate the job.
I have worked in the company for two years. However, I hate the job
English Tenses: Past perfect [had + participle]
I had worked on the project for two years before you moved to Orlando Florida
How to use AS IF in the sentense
Clauses the start with as if describle the unreal or unsure or improbable situation if they are followed by unreal tense
[or past subjunctive or the past perfect subjunctive]
He seems as if he knew the answer. [No one know whether he know the answer or not]
He looks as if he knew the answer
He seems as if he hadn't slept for days
Night club shooting in Orlando Florida
50 people are killed and 53 people are injured in a nightclub mass shooting in Orlando Florida
This is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, I'm not sure about that
Believe there are more than one shooter with assault rifle in the nightclub at 2am on Sunday.
Obama will come out and repeat the same thing. Hey, we need to solve the Guns issues..
American people said. Hey, own a gun is first amendment. We dont care how many get killed with illegal guns every year
What we know about the suspect?
The killed is identified as Omar Mateen. a U.S citizen of Afghan descent
U.S. President Barack Obama called it 'an act of terror and an act of hate.' Islamic State claims responsibility
English Sentence
Mon Aug 15 11:34:08 PDT 2016
I just miss the phone technical interview today, and I need to lie about being stuck in traffic.
I was stuck in traffic this morning, please reschedule it, LOL. I'm pretty sure this is typical excuse for being late
Here are the top five excuses for being late
1. My car broke down on the highway or on the road
2. There was something came up suddenly this morning and I can't be on the phone.
English has too many Crazy Forms, Crazy English
Sat May 7 16:22:48 PDT 2016
1. Continua, Continuous, Continuously, Continual, Continuity, continuation, Continguous
11. Consecurive, Consecutively, Consecutiveness
12. Sequence, Sequent, Sequently
13. Dangerous, Dangerously, Dangle, Dangling
2. Techie, Technical, Technician, Technology, Technologies, Technological, Technologically
3. Practice[Practise British] Practical, Practicable, Practicing[a practicing architech], Practician, Practicably
4. Traver[se], Traver[sal], Traver[sable]
5. Success[noun], Succeed[verb], Successful, Successfully, Successfulness
6. Ancestor, Ancestral, Ancestry, Sibling, descend, scend, scene
7. Even [adverb]- Used in comparision for emphasis. he knows even less about it then I do
8. Emphasis[noun], Emphasize[verb] - give special important or prominence in speaking or writing
9. Extra, Extract, Extreme, Extremely
10. Cash, Cache, Caching
11. Temporal, Temporary, Temporarily
12. Explosive, Explode, detonate, refuse, torch
13. Wound, Wounded [past tense], Wounded [past participle]
-- Flying class wounds his face and neck
14. Wind, Wound[past tense], wound[past participle]
Read a article today about bombing in Thailand
Sun Aug 14 13:57:39 PDT 2016
1. Here are the keywords that I learn from the bombing article
2. Explosive, Explode, Detonate, Defuse, Torch
3. Torch - [set fire to]
4. Here are the sentences that I learn from the article.
5. The bomb is exploded near a market
6. Five explosive devices were hidden in the plant pot near the upscale resort in Hua Hui.
7. Open-font door bar.
8. The attack has killed four locals and wounded dozens
9. Whoever carried out these attacks, they surely send a message, shaking public confidence in the military's ability to maintain peace and order.
10. The southern insurgent has continued for 12 years and killed more than 6000 people,
11. but rarely spreaded outside the three Maylay-Muslim provinces, and almost never targeded Thailand's many tourist hotspots.
12. Another fire bomb was found in the island of Phuket and defused, local police said.
13. The quality of the bombs are bad. One works and other other two didn't
I'm wondering how many people use their real names in Starbucks
Thu Apr 14 18:37:51 PDT 2016
I went to Starbucks quite often this day.
Most of employees knew my name so far. I never use my real name actually.
I have nothing to hide but I usually use random name when they ask my name.
I'm wondering how many people use their real name when they order their Ceramel Macchiato
I'm also wondering what kind of reaction they have if I ask their cell number when they ask me name in Starbucks
Why Starbucks should create some English names for their drink
I love Camerel Macchiato but I never can remember how to spell and how to pronounce it.
What is wrong with English
Thu Apr 14 00:52:46 PDT 2016
I always don't remember how to spell Cash and Cache since they have the same pronunciation.
Cash - [kæʃ]
Cache - [kæʃ]
Mon Apr 11 21:49:14 PDT 2016
[Recurit a new Soccer player]
When I went to Richmond soccer field for a walk today, I saw a guy who is familliar to me.
I asked him whether he plays soccer in Burnaby every Saturday.
He told me he is the guy and his name is Lee something. We chatted a while.
he told me he moved here when he was 14 and he teach English here.
I think he love to play soccer so I told him we play in the Richmond Soccer field at 3:30 every Saturday.
He seems pretty excited. Obviously he seems very excited about being part of the team.
Tue Apr 12 11:36:09 PDT 2016
Explicit - state clearly, leaving no room for confusion or doubt
Implicit - implied though no plainly expressed
Today, I drove to the Richmond Library at around 11am. When I tried to park my car in the parking lots, I found out I forgot my bottle of water at home. I just drove the car back home and got the water. It took me ten minutes. I'm just looking at the EmojiOne website and they have some pretty interested Emoji in SVG file format. SVG file format can be scaled to any size without losing the detail of image.
Wed Feb 24 10:31:53 PST 2016
It takes only 30 seconds to form an impression. Write with confidence, not arrogance.
Write about your self.
Who are you?
What are your interests?
What is your background?
What are your achievements?
What are your talents?
What challenges have you faced?
Pick one topic, describe it in detail, and use that to introduct yourself.
I'm a fan of backetball, tennis and soccer.
When I was growing up, I would watch soccer with my dad and brother every Saturday.
Detail your talents and skills specifically.
Structure the cover letter as a cause and effect. A cover letter should explain the employer or admission
why you are the best candidate for the position, or what you should be admitted to the University or program to which you are applying
I expored a number of options including Preview and Adobe PDF reader.
I expored a number of options including bank robbery and hacking
I expored a number of options to improve my English skills including reading one article and writing one article a day.
I expored serval options to brush up on my English skills including reading and wrting an article a day
I expored a few optinos to brush up on my English skills including reading and writing an article daily
I expored all the possibilities.
I investigate all the possibilities to come up solution.
Expore - examine, evaluate,
- travel in or through an unfamililar country or area in order to familiarize oneself with it
I continue to expore new ways to generate income.
Communication skills include listening, speaking and writing skill.
Thu Jan 28 17:32:10 PST 2016
If you want someone rely on you, it is better to understimate your abilities and overestimate your risks than to go in a direction that
actually involves more uncertainty than you can justfy.

She pushed the anxious uncertainties out of her mind.
Mon Sep 14 02:38:43 PDT 2015
I just learn a new vocabulary:
Circumvent [sərkəm ˈvent] find a way around an obstacle
Circumcise cut off foreskin of
Fri Sep 18 22:01:50 PDT 2015
descend [dɨˈsend] move or fall downward
descendant [dɨˈsendənt] nonu, a person or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor
be descended from, be a direct blood relative from
ancestor [ˈænˌsestər]
Sun Sep 20 17:59:45 PDT 2015

prefix [ ] add thing in font of sth or at the beginning of a word, add sth at the beginning of
postfix [ ] append thing at the end of sth, append as a suffix
append [ ] add sth as an attachment or supplement
elaborate [ɨ, lɑbăr ] involving carefully arranged parts or detailed or complicated in design
the key idea of the book is [expressed] in the title and [elaborated] in the text
Fri Sep 25 20:41:49 PDT 2015
New Words:
duplicate [adjective] [verb]
record [noun] [verb]
elaborate [adjective] [verb]
execute [noun] [verb]

disguise [] a different appearance in order to conceal one's identity
disguise [] a different appearance in order to conceal one's identity
disguise [] a different appearance in order to conceal one's identity
gust [] noun - a brief or rush wind
disgust [] profound disapproved aroused by sth unpleasant or offensive
elaborate [] involving carefully arranged part or details, detailed and complicated in design and planning
elaborate [] involking carefully arranged parts or details, detailed and complicated in design and planning.
elaborate [] involking carefully arranged parts or details, detailed and complicated in design and planning.

grandiose [ ] impressive and magnificent in appearance or style

liberal - adjective, open to new behavious or opinion and willing to discard traditional values bind [] [past and past participle bound]
visible [] seeable, obversable[obverse] notify, note, notice, noticeable, detectable[detect]
e.g. the action putStrLn "Hello World" with previous result bound to sth.
Have + Object + past participle
e.g. I have my hair cut.[I have cut my hair]

Being + adjective
The structure being + adjective is used to talk about actions and behaviour
e.g. why are you being so silly
e.g. you are being cruel when you hurt others with your words or actions.

e.g. this involes being liberal with your SpaceBar and Enter/Return Key Being + past participle
Being can be followed by a past participle. This structure is used in the passive forms of present and past continuous tenses.
e.g. mother is cooking the dinner
e.g. the dinner is being cooked
e.g. I'm quite sure someone is following me[Active]
e.g. I'm quite sure I'm being followed[Passive]

Being in participle clauses
instead of because/since/as, we sometimes use an abverbial participle clause with being.
e.g. Being late, he could't watch the movie[Becase he is late, he could't watch the movie]

[Therefore, Consequently, For this reason, As a result, Thus] thing have changed recently-which led to people asking the questions
[led to someone asking sth]
lay out the current setup
lines starting with '#'
lines ending with certain strings
sentence starting with capital letter
print all the words separated by white spaces
use pattern matching and regular expression
how to split words separated by one or more whitespace
please [explain] why the merge is necessary
connecting and linking words in English
it is [essiential] to understand linking words, as part of speech, can be used
to combine ideas in writing, and thus ensure that ideas within sentences and
paragraphs are elegantly connected - for the benefit of the reader.
This will help to improve your writing[e.g. essay, comment, summary]
I just learn some interested words:
the words have different pronunciation but same spelling is called heteronym.
show you how to 3d touch in iphone6
pop up little options, quick aciton, message will show you some recent message,
photos let you jump to seflies
right now quick action, message, will show you show recent msg, photo show you recent camera
when i click on weather, wallet let you add a card, note let you cratch, 3d touch make the screen press sensitive
ok, back to quick aciton, news have quick aciton, let you jump to different category,
let pee and pop, and i hold down a email message, if i keep holding down, perk and pop, if i hold down,
if i keep holding down, here is perk and pop, i'm going to athelet, this is perk and pop, let see how 3d toouch affect the keyboard,
the keyboard become track pad, swip through, let me see how 3d touch work in Safari, if you hold down on the link,
this is really neat, this is PC maC, apple called quick acitons,
message will show you some recent message, photo will show your recent photos,
selfies, if i click on, map let you pin current location, note let you
sketch your idea,
In conclusion,
In summary, there is not clear case for one tax system compared to another
In Summary, there is not clear cases for one tax system compared to another
to some extend,
it is essential to understand connecting and linking words, as parts of speech, can be used to combine sentences and paragraphs in writing,
and thus ensure the idea within the sentences and paragraphs are elegrantly connected
it is essential to understand connecting and linking words, as parts of speech, can be used to combine sentences and paragraph in writing,
and thus ensure the idea within the sentences and paragraphs are elegrantly connected
In summary, there is not clear tax system compared to another
print all the words separated with whitespace
split all the words separated with whitespace
it is essential to understand the connecting and linking words, as parts of speech, can be used to combine sentences and paragraphs in writing,
and thus ensure the idea within the sentences and paragraphs are elegrantly connected
In summary, there is not clear tax system compared to another.
If no input-file is specified, file is read from stdin. Otherwise, ...
[If sth..., sth.... Otherwise...]
If input-file is empty, the method returns false. Otherwise, return true ...
language attribute, language name, file type,
Disable syntax highlighting for code block and inlines, even though when a language attribute is given.
[disable ... for ..., even though something]
somthing, even though when somthing
Remove the whitespace, even though the string is empty.
Return false, even though the input-file is empty.
[something ... even though ...]
split the string separated by whitespace, even though input-file is empty
[something ... even though ...]
numerical entities instead of UTF-8 when the option is selected
[something ... instead of something when ....]
San Francisco Disrupe News
Where do delimiter go?
The null delimiter, whitespace, empty string, null pointer, null reference, null value, zero value, empty value, empty string
split the string with delimiter[default is whitespace] preserving the null delimiter
split's return value
adjective, adverb,
fortuniately, fortuniate, future, fortran, fortune, furniture
The star quantifier[zero or more]
if the split patter is unspecified, the method returns false.

if a file is written by the first action and the file is read by the second action, then the change to the file is visible to the read
[if sth.. and sth.., then the change to the file is visible..]
Sun Sep 27 13:31:14 PDT 2015
Last night, I try to write a simple script to read a text file and surround each line with Html tags.
The script should be fairly to write, but I decide to write it in Haskell.
I knew a bit of Haskll before so I still remember the basic syntax.
In Haskell, there is interactive command line tool called GHCi.
I primarily use the GHCi to get help on many unfamilar functions

:info concat - show the definition of concat function
:load helloworld.hs - compile helloword.hs
:e helloword.hs - edit the helloword.hs[editor has to be set before that, e.g. vim]
:load helloword.hs following by main to run the code

Wed Sep 30 11:50:27 PDT 2015
I went to WallMart this morning to buy a money order.
I ask for 100 cash back and the WallMart employee just give me 100 bill.
I ask him can you give me to 20 bills, he said, sorry, 'we don't have any 20 bills any more'
This is pretty ridiculous behavious.

Here is Why WallMart sucks:
The groceries are crappy. For example, it is extremely hard to find a good apple in WallMart.
The services are poor. For example, they don't have 20 bills for my 100 cash back.
The lines are extremely slow. For example, they don't hire enough cashiers

New words of the day:
cash [] - money in coins or notes
cash in [] - take advantage or exploit [a situation]
cashable [adjective]
cashier [] - a person who collects payments in stores - a person handling payments and receipts in store, bank, or other business.
cache [] - store away in hiding for future use

Wed Jan 31 09:27:31 2018
It's easier and more intuitive to declare... If you take a look at this article where students have shown FP is harder than imperative programming
It illustrate FP is easier than imperative programming.
As today is Chinese New Year, there are many New Year decoratoins on the street
Wed Jan 31 20:58:36 2018
My manager asked me to send the performance today, obviously the guy try to nail me at some point
I will switch to other team next week(if everthing are going well hopefully), but the guy still try to nail me.
I really don't understand what is his intention? but I can feel he has some shit on his mind
Air conditioned car.
The senior manager asks me the same shit to send him the email about my performance
I think this is not a good sign for me in next week, they might block me to transfer to other team
Well, finger cross and see what will happen, it would be excited and depressive
Thu Feb 1 07:38:21 2018
It would be excited and depressive today and I will see how the guy pull the shit of me.
Personally, I would like to leave the company right away. However, I always think what other people is thinking about me
like what company do you work for?
do you have house? do you have car? how much money do you make? do you work for top company?... this is all shit.. and we need to get rid of that in our mind. Thu Feb 1 19:34:46 2018
My new manager told me I won't be able to move to new team next Monday and I got a new message from him and said I might be able to move to new team next Monday.
finger cross, I will see what will happen?
Air conditioned car? what is conditioned here anyway?
Do you have any update from HR?.. I told me he will get me posted.
Nath guy send me the info how to connect to Dynamoc DB and how to connect to Oracle. Well, he did not send it to me at the same day when he assigned me the task?
Send me the task and ask me here is the task, and you need to fix the shit? what the fuck that I need to do actually?
Create Test DB account and I still can't make the connection to DB.. not what is going with those BS..
My manager told me you need to finsh the task without anyone help?? seriously?? he guy obviously does not know what he's talking about???..
Without any help from anyone?... what the fuck the guy is talking about?
Use Sqlplus to connect, but get error to make the connection
You should best it on Beta environment?
Jus try to install java8 in my MacOX, you can install Java8 with homebrew:
brew update
brew install java8(not java)
There is crazy guy ask me where I buy my jacket in Skytrain today, I told the crazy guy I bought it in Walmark
Mon Feb 19 21:48:41 2018
Something is very unsually happening today. When I was in the washroom today and washing my hand, a guy came to my shoulder and told me that DK left the company. I asked him what was happening? he said "I have no idea". Dk left the company this morning suddenly. The first question that I ask myself "Why it is today, it was Monday" The senior guy who came to our office to have a meeting with the team from Seattle and I specular there is something to do with the senior guy. I never hear anyone said Dk will leave the company and it is in such unusual time. Tue Feb 20 09:06:18 2018
All food will be disposed and all containers will be emptied You have been added to a prototype with Amzon Private Cloud. Hannah Grossman has added you as collaborator on a R4S prototype - Mobile. There is some interesting thing happening this moring in the Skytain. A girl who's wearing a red jacket and standing beside of me, she's constantly looking at me when I was making sound in my mouth.