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1 The Project automatically sync local git repos with other local host git repos.

  • What does it mean?
    • If you develope a library and want to share it with other host or vm. Assume you host your code in Github or Bitbucket.
    • Each time you push your code to repos, and other host needs to git pull so they have the same copy of your code.
    • The project will automatically git pull in other host.
  • How do it work?

    • Each time git push on the local machine, a git repos name is appended to a file and the file is push to git repos.
    • On other host, it run a simple shell script to check whether the file is updated periodically.
    • If the file is updated, it means the repos name is in the updated entries and git pull can be applied on the repos name.


2 MySql Java Example Java MySql Example

  • Java connects to Mysql from localhost.
    • Libraries needs JDBC 8.x under $b/javalib8/jar or jar file from Java Mysql JDBC
    • Add jdbc driver jar file to Intellij.

3 Remove all whitespaces from files and directories recursively, the tool is written in Python

  • The tool recurves a given directory and remove all spaces in file name and directory.

    fname = 'cool file.txt' => fname = 'coolfile.txt'
    dir = 'cool dir' => dir = 'cooldir'
  • It is useful because sometimes some files are downloaded from Internet and their file names contains white spaces.

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Created: 2021-09-22 Wed 17:21